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18 June 1985
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I'm 23 years old, i was born june 18th 1985. that means i'm a gemini
so yeah, any questions just ask.

Spander wuv!! this was made for me!
By spike1885 at 2007-06-25

Spander is bloody. Hot. Sex. Love.

"it's not how the world sees it it's how your heart feels it"- my friend becky ( OddSketcher)

Mulder & Spike My boys!
By spike1885 at 2007-06-23

Though the looking glass of the future Peter Parker sees his new ememy  a few years ahead, talk about spider senses!
By spike1885 at 2007-03-28

( little info on my aim, first email me, and tell me why you want to talk to me then I'll consider adding you, I'm on close friends only at the moment is why.)